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The Artist Hub was born from actors and agents who felt there could be a better way for unsigned talent to find representation.

It can feel like an impossible task finding an agent. Our mission is to help unsigned actors ensure they can be seen by the agents they apply to but also discover brilliant agents they may not have known existed.

We want to help ease the overwhelming pressure on agents and help deliver actors submissions in a streamlined way. The Artist Hub feel that if it’s easier for agents to view submissions then they can give applicants the attention they deserve. Timing is everything in this business. A brilliant application sent at the wrong time can be overlooked. We want to level the playing field, ensuring actors who apply don’t get lost in a pile of submissions.

We also know agents are ambitious and often looking for expansion. We aim to give agents the chance to discover talented actors who are perfect for their books. Brilliant actors haven’t always gone through traditional channels. They might be raw talent or talent from abroad…We help agents discover them.

If you're an artist

Applying to agents is 1 of the hardest things an actor has to do. Application after application, it’s very time consuming and often a thankless task.

Hundreds of people apply to agents each week, drowning them in submissions. So getting an agent to even view your profile is hard enough let alone finding the right agent. We have been working with agents to ensure applications stay fresh and are not lost in a pile.

Until now, you generally only get signed by an agent you have made the 1st move to. But what if an agent might have a gap on their client list looking for someone just like you, but you haven’t applied to them? If they don’t know you exist, how can they sign you? We let agents search for unsigned talent. Something they cannot do on other sites.

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If you're an agent

Inundated with headshot attachments 10mb+. Cover letter attached in a word doc. Envelopes of sweets, tea bags, glitter, unannounced visitors… its frustrating.

We want to give you the best chance of representing talent that has gone under the radar without being bogged down in submissions.

We only accept actors onto The Artist Hub who provide their formal training, meaning you are looking at professional actors.

The Artist Hub gives you the chance to manage your applicants easily and effectively. If you are looking to expand your client list or perhaps launch a commercial division, you can now search our database to find actors. You can discuss representation with them without having to give them your own email address.

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