CDA Awards Winners

I think I will have to go with ‘ME BEFORE YOU’ and it’s because of the whole process I went through with this film.
I read the book in 2013 and absolutely fell in love with it, I don’t often cry reading, but there was something so beautiful about this story! About a year later I noticed the brief from a Casting Director on Spotlight and I just knew I wanted a client involved with this story. As if it was meant to be, we had a client who was perfect for the role of ‘Thomas Clark’ – he went to meet the Casting team and shortly later offered the role. About another year later the team were filming locally to me (Pinewood Studios) and I was very kindly invited for set visit  – not only did I get to see my client in action, but I got to sit next to the Author Jojo Moyes. It was a ‘pinch myself’ moment. The rest of the cast, Jenna Coleman, Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin (to name a few) were also lovely too! I then went to cinema to watch it, and it’s now on my shelf in DVD form. A beautiful story and a lovely professional moment that I will cherish.
My all time fav pic is Some Like it Hot. I love a good comedy plus all 3 main stars play their roles to perfection ..  a great script and I am a fan  of director Billy Wilder
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