Cover Letters

Cover letters are HARD. Don’t worry, everyone feels the same. How do I begin? What do I say? Should I talk about each job I’ve done even though its on my CV?

Basically, the key thing is get to the point.

We know you have a lot to say, its your one chance to show yourself. But don’t bore your reader. Remember you are asking to work with this person. To hopefully discuss your career, your wants, your needs. Your contract demands. They need to know they can work with you. So be professional, be polite and be honest.

The one thing you don’t want to do is put your reader off. So here are some handy hints to remember.

  1. The agent will have read thousands of cover letters in their career. I promise you, every single actor before you has said how they were born to be an actor, how passionate they are, how determined to succeed they are. Avoid these phrases as much as you can.
  2. The agent doesn’t have much time. We have a limit on The Artist Hub cover letters word count, which agents requested themselves. But you shouldn’t even need that much! Be short, to the point and concise.
  3. Don’t use LOL, psml or similar. This is a competitive world. Always assume the actor who looks just like you, wrote a better cover letter that was professional and grammatically correct.
  4. Tell us quickly about your training, your work and the kind of work you want to do. Be yourself. Don’t tell them who you want or aspire to be. Tell them who you are.
  5. Don’t slag people off. This is a small industry and you don’t know who they know, live next door too, drink with…
  6. Make sure your CV is true…don’t say you can juggle or dance the tango. Things move so fast these days you might get called the night before to come in and do it. Now that is an embarrassing audition you don’t want to do.

The cover letter on The Artist Hub will include a link to your headshot, showreel if applicable and CV. When writing to an agent, tell them about you and why you want to be represented by them.

Good luck!

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