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Below you can find Frequently Asked Questions.

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I'm an actor, why should I use The Artist Hub?

The Artist Hub is for professional actors looking to find an agent. The current process for finding an agent is very difficult and often harder than booking an actual acting job. Through extensive development with agents and casting directors we have developed our site to promote actors in the best way possible. We identified flaws in the application process that we feel have now levelled the playing field. If you email an agent on a Monday morning, but that agent is very busy and doesn’t look at any applications for a couple of weeks…think how many other actors applying to the same agent have applied since you. This is the ultimate, being lost at the bottom of the pile, through no fault of your own.

Scrolling through emails and paperwork is consuming and hard work. So we submit applications to agents in a clean and simple way. Ensuring your application stays fresh and giving you greater chance of being considered.

I already have an agent but want to move, can I block my current agent?

We know sometimes it doesn’t work out with an agent and actors want to move on. So, much like on social media, you can be hidden from agents and companies so they cannot see you. This means you can go about applying to new agents without your new agent knowing.


I'm an agent, why should I use The Artist Hub?

We know agents are busy people so we are here to try to streamline one of the most daunting parts to an agent’s job. Actor Submissions!

Submissions come in all shapes and sizes, large attachments, glitter or turning up at your office. We now put it all into 1 place. You can consider multiple people at once without having to open any emails, you can see their CV’s at once, consider their cover letters in an organised way and simply respond positively or negatively.

If someone applies to you that you are curious to know more about, you can message them via the system without having to give out your work email. We know some actors don’t like hearing No, so we want to protect your privacy ensuring that they can’t then keep emailing you for months.

If you do want to take it further then you can message and then arrange meeting up to chat in person. After all, actors are human beings, not internet profiles.

If you have a gap and want someone specific to fill it, or you just want to see whats out there… Our search function lets you search for any performer on the site. If the actor can perform it, you can search for it.

Is my payment secure?

All payments are taken by and all card details are sent directly to them, they are not stored on The Artist Hub’s servers. The entire site is protected by a HTTPS certificate so you can be sure that any details passed to the site are protected.

How can I cancel my subscription order?

You can cancel your subscription(s) by heading to ‘My Account’ from the main menu, viewing the subscription you wish to cancel and clicking ‘Cancel’ under the ‘Subscription details’. Your subscription will continue to run until the next payment date at which point your subscription will end and you will no longer be visible to agents. If you have any problems please get in touch with us.

Will my payment keep going from my account each month?

Depending on the subscription duration you sign up for; monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months, you will be charged at the start of each duration and their future recurring durations. For example, if you sign up for 3 months, you will pay your subscription every 3 months.

I don't have a UK bank account, can I still sign up?

Yes! You can use your debit/credit card to sign up, regardless of your account origin.

Why can I only apply to an agent once every 6 months?

Having consulted with many agents over this topic, agents advised us this was a feature they wanted. Sadly some actors take to spamming agents and that can be off putting to agents.

Rest assured, our system ensures your application stays fresh and when an agent looks at submissions on The Artist Hub, unlike emails, they may see an application made 5 months ago alongside an application made recently. With multiple sorting features along with a randomizer, you don’t get lost and you don’t get left at the bottom of the pile.