Meet the Casting Directors Association

Who is on the brand new CDA board?

We have recently welcomed four new Board members. Maddy Hinton is our new Secretary, Jody Furlong is covering Membership, Emma Ashton has taken over the Advice role and Claire Toeman will be in charge of Awards.

They join Tree Petts who is our Chairperson, Kate Evans who is in charge of Finance, Emily Tilelli who looks after Web, and Andrea Clark who covers Publicity.


When was The Casting Director’s Association set up and why?

The CDA was formed in 2015 to provide a support network for Casting Directors who predominately work on commercials.


“We realised that by coming together as a group we would gain a stronger voice, enabling us to uphold the professional standards within the industry. We can also share our knowledge and experience with each other, and actively promote the role of the Casting Director,” explains Tree Petts.


Casting Director Tree Petts, image credit: CDA


How has The CDA evolved since then?

The CDA are now firmly established, with a great relationship with industry bodies such as Equity, the APA and the IPA.

In 2017 we launched the CDA Awards, which were the first in Europe to specifically recognise the work of the Casting Director. Our second Awards ceremony was held earlier in the year and we are already planning the 2019 Awards.


Tell us a bit about The CDA Awards and the importance of recognising the work of casting directors.

The role of the Casting Director is as key to the success of a project as much as the head of any other department. However casting has been overlooked when it comes to awards ceremonies. There is still no Oscar or BAFTA for Casting.

By holding the CDA Awards we are able to honour the work of our members, but more importantly it allows us to demystify the role of the Casting Director to both the industry and general public.


Does The CDA have a mission statement or goals?

Yes, our mission statement is on our website:


What impact does The CDA have on actors within the casting world?

Because we work together to ensure CDA members uphold professional standards and adhere to our code of conduct, actors can be confident that when they attend a casting run by one of our members they will be treated with the utmost respect and care.

The CDA are also proactively working to make sure actors’ fees and terms of engagement are the best available.


Casting Director Maddy Hinton, image credit: CDA


What type of work / projects have your members worked on?

Our members work on a variety of different genres and projects, as well as commercials. We have members who also work on feature films, stills photography, street-casting, theatre and online content.


What are your hopes for the future of The CDA?


“In the next year we want to encourage more Casting Directors to join the CDA, either as full members or at associate level,” explains Maddy Hinton.


“We want to build on the everything we have achieved so far and continue to fight for issues that are important to our members. One of our current goals is to see Casting Directors routinely receive a credit, especially in industry publications where casting is often omitted,” says Tree.


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